9 February 2016

On a mission...

I don't know if you have noticed, but over the last year or so the number of cancer related advertisements have shot up as the number of people being diagnosed. Something is worryingly wrong.

This prompted me to look into some statistics about cancer - I'm talking all types. What I found out shocked me. A report from Oxford University, states that cancer is the second leading cause of death in the UK. According to the NHS, people from the Afro Caribbean backgrounds who live in the UK, are more at risk from certain diseases than other cultures. For example, Afro Caribbean men are three times more likely to get prostate cancer and women are more likely to develop breast cancer two decades earlier.

There is a severe shortage of Afro Caribbean bone marrow donors (UK wide) despite all the work Beverely De-Gale and her partner did to raise awareness of the need for blood and bone marrow donations from this community through the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (www.aclt.org). Goodness knows if their son Daniel would have survived much longer or still be alive today had he not had to wait for so long to find a match. He was only 21 when he passed away.

Many of the larger, well known charities have the advantage in that they can afford to spend large sums of donated money on heavy marketing and putting on fund raising events. Smaller charities like ACLT are lesser known and easily forgotten about once the lime light is no longer shining on them...if it ever did.

I have always been on a mission to help others help themselves and this is no different. I have set myself a massive challenge to complete 30 facials between now and 29th Feb 2016.

I am raising money for ACLT as the work they do is fundamentally important, so I'll do my bit to support them as much as I can. The aim is to raise awareness of these charities who are doing some great work, be it on a much tighter budget. You get to help a fantastic charity and in return, they get the help they need...win-win!

I love you to help me out and book a luxury mini facial with me. The products I use are pure...and I mean pure! Vegan, cruelty free and freshly made in the UK. Oh yes, they smell divine!

Let me know if you would like to take part and I'll book a slot for you. Evenings, weekends, all days and times are up for grabs. Please ensure you book a time where you know you can make it before booking. I know life gets in the way and shit happens, so if you do need to cancel, please let me know well in advance.

Its best if the facial is in your home; if you have young children however, this may not work, so we can meet somewhere of your choosing. You could do it at your office. I'll come in at lunchtime to and do it there! Why not get all the girls involved and make an afternoon or evening of it?

I have exactly 20 days to accomplish this challenge (excluding today), so no pressure on my part!