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Great words about the 4-Day Mini Reset 

"I really don't enjoy cooking but I want tasty healthy food. Valerie has completely inspired me. She makes very easy recipes that are delicious and any novice could make". Helen

"This shows you that you can eat healthy and it doesn't have to be long winded or boring. The recipes Valerie created are so simple but most importantly delicious". Serena

"The recipes are not only delicious and nutritious but amazingly quick and simple. I can't wait to get started and begin enjoying the health benefits and a new lease of life". Jennifer!

"Valerie makes healthy eating much more accessible, with easy recipes and detailed answers to questions. I feel much more confident that I can make healthier choices now". Tracey

"I was unsure as to how everything would taste and what a great surprise! I am now determined to try out the recipes and share this healthy and fun approach with friends and family". Stephanie

"The recipe booklet is perfect and I can easily implement these recipes into my life. Highly recommended". Alicia

"The Mini Reset was really good in helping me understand more about the way I have been eating and how I should be eating". Larna

"The 4-Day Reset is excellent because it enables you to understand what you are doing and let go of pre-conceived notions about healthy eating". Monica

After completing the Reset, I knew I felt so much better than before. My frequent headaches were gone, I stopped reaching for a diet soda in the afternoon, and I had energy to last me through the day. Guess what else? My jeans are loose! That has never happened to me before! I stepped on the scale and realized I lost 4 pounds. Then I tried on my bikini from the year before and it actually looked good this year!” Anon

Thank you for this amazing gift! I lost 4 pounds in the first few days and finally got my energy back! I can’t imagine getting any better results from this”. :) Anon

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