21 February 2016

To people who want more energy, permanent weight loss and clear skin but can't get started

Enjoying your Sunday afternoon? Fantastic!
I wanted to quickly to share an opportunity with you and would really appreciate your help.
I am looking to work with 3 people who would like to resolve their health issues using mainly whole foods. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, headaches, migraines, skin problems...it can be pretty much any lifestyle disease. You can be on medication as we will be working with food, so no contraindications. Food sensitivities, allergies (food and chemicals etc) and food choices (vegan, vegetarian etc.) will be catered for.
Its important you want and are ready for different approach as that is a great motivator and will more likely get you into action. The programme is new and essentially, its testing time! Testing is always important because we need to know if the programme works and where we need to improve...that is where you come in. I would love your feedback on what worked and what didn't. Your feedback will help us shape and improve the quality of the programme. Its 6 weeks in total and is a kick start into a healthier lifestyle. Its not a short term solution but is designed to help you jump start a healthy longer life. 
If this sounds like you or you know of someone who is struggling with health issues and they are at the end of their tether, sick and tired of being tired and lacking energy to do what they want to do, then either reply back or feel free to pass this email onto your friend or family member.

In the mean time, feel free to ask me any questions.