29 September 2015

Smooth, radiant, clear skin?

Did you know that the largest organ in your body is your skin? In fact its the only organ that is on the outside. Your skin is roughly two square meters and weights approximately 4-5 kilos. Now that's quite a bit!

Out of all of your organs, guess which is the most exposed to the harsh elements? Of course, you don't need a rocket science degree to answer that question. Your skin gives you sensory feedback allowing you to experience pleasure, pain and other stimuli as well as supplying mechanics that regulate your body temperature, make vitamin D and absorb as well as excrete a whole host of various substances.

Because our skin is visible, it means we are prone to the effects of our emotions (frowning, surprise blushing); it can also show up what is happening on the inside (spots, acne, rashes, yellow tinge aka jaundice). Your skin can also change colour (blue, purple, red, pale, grey!!) Ill health, skin issues and differences in colour are more easily seen on European skin.

The most important thing to remember is that your skin absorbs what ever you put on it. Its a great way to assess how one is feeling just by the way they look.

Your skin is comprised of two parts 1) The Epidermis and The Dermis. The dermis is the home of blood and lymph vessels, fibres, glands and specialized cells.

When it comes to skin health, looking youthful, radiant and clear, the dermis is where it all starts. What you put in your body whether its absorbed through the skin or what you eat, it will have an impact. But most products that 'help' with skin health only concentrate on the epidermis, the exposed skin. As the saying goes, beauty is not just skin deep. Beautiful clear skin is dependent on a number of factors including getting plenty of pure fluids (alcohol, tea and coffee don’t count, so don’t even go there) and a regular skin care regime with natural, cruelty free skin care products.

If you have discovered you have crows feet or you've had them for a while; you have lines and wrinkles you'd rather not, this is pretty much the sign of things to come unless you nip it in the bud pronto. Sun damage (although we need vitamin D from the sun), not having a cleansing face/ whole body routine and taking in toxins in the way of alcohol, caffeine, sugar, highly refined foods, hydrogenated fats, fried foods etc. will AGE YOU!!! Don't believe me? Look in the mirror. If you are not happy with what you see, time to do something about it.

Thankfully, the answer is not far away. Its pretty easy to reverse a poor diet and toxicity intake (aka taking in too much C.R.A.P). You can buy lotions, potions, cleansers and the like, and that's fine, but its not just what you put on that counts as we have discussed. Nutrition plays a huge part. Remember, nutrients (from food) feed your cells and what you put in your body greatly affects whether your cells perform at an optimal level, or mutate.

The aim is to alkalize your body with cleansing, hydrating foods while reducing 'foods' known to aggravate skin conditions and encourage rapid ageing. That means having a routine that helps repair, re-balance and restore the skins structure. You can do this through, detoxing, juicing, going grain-free and having a skin 'diet' particularly if you have eczema, acne (mild or severe) and/ or dry itchy skin.

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