23 September 2015

Reinvent Your Life?

Would you like to...

- Pay off your debts?
- Make more money (legally???)
- Have an extra £250-£350 per month to help with bills and have extra for Christmas?
- Change direction in your career but have no idea what you want to do?

When you put 'make more money' into a search engine, you'll come up with a plethora of websites showing you how by selling stuff you no longer need, completing surveys, becoming a candidate for medical trials and so forth. These are all very good, valid ideas and are perfect for the short term. Its instant cash that will get you out of a hole fast. Let's face it we have all been there right? But what about the long term?

There are also a large number of websites that show you how to cut back and stop spending on things you don't need. Come on, we all do it! We impulse buy all the time. We go in with a list of 5 things and come out with 10 or more!

We might cut back on holidays, nights out, treatments, new clothes, shoes...whatever. These all of a sudden become luxuries we cannot afford to spend our hard earned money on. Most of what you earn goes into paying bills, debts, food, MOT, petrol, travel and what ever else you have to pay for. When you look at what you have left, there isn't much to enjoy yourself with. Nights in become the new going out.

Was life supposed to be this stressful? Constantly worried about whether you can afford to buy XYZ???

Suppose, just suppose, you didn't have to worry about all those things. Suppose you had more money plus plenty left to do what you wanted, when you wanted? Suppose you had the time to pursue the things you love. Suppose you had more freedom; more security (let's face it, no job is safe – I should know, I've been made redundant and sacked more times I care to recall). Both instances have left me without an income and scraping by for months on end.

Does having all this sound like a dream? Its not just celebrities that can have the life you desire, we all can. BUT...life gets in the way, but our biggest stopper of dreams? Fear. These four letters can literally stop you from doing anything and everything you've ever wanted to do. It coats the very fabric of your life. We know its there when we try to move forward and end up stopping ourselves because of (fill in the blank with what ever reason/ excuse springs to mind). Its legit to us, its real, its genuine...but the fact is, it STOPS us point blank. Then we get to old age and totally regret our life, not taking risks...we ask ourselves...what if?

What if you took the chance? What if you took that leap? What would your life look like? You are invited to the Juice Plus Corporate Tour. Come along and discover what life could really be like.

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