6 December 2012

Your Power...

If you were a powerful person
what would you go out and do?
Would you sit at home twiddling your thumbs
Or would you go out and do something new?

Watch this video then make up your mind...

You could do what you've always wanted
You could be anything you wanted to be
You could bring joy and happiness to others
You could set yourself completely free.

With such great power that you would hold within
Your achievements would be far from few
There would no longer be any cause for concern
No matter the obstacle you would see it through.

'That would be nice' I hear you say
'If only I really did have all that power'
Well surprise surprise, I have news for you
It's with you now and will remain forever.

If only you would look deep within
And listen to that inner guidance
All the problems, troubles, woe and strife
To them you can say 'good riddance'!

Use your power and fulfil your dreams
no point in hiding it away
This is your one chance to do the best you can
Better use it everyday.

So be open to having a wonderful life
And know it's what you truly deserve
And don't forget to help others along the way
For you will get what you want when you serve.

Written by my sister!

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