14 September 2016

Difficulties sleeping?

Do you recall the days when you slept like a baby? Perhaps it’s such a long time since you last had a good nights sleep, you can’t actually remember. Don’t worry, as you are among the estimated 31 million people in the UK who suffer with disturbed sleep. The trouble is, when you don’t sleep well, you are knackered for the rest of the day.

Sleep is designed to restore and replenish you. When you are sleeping, your body isn’t. There is a hive of activity that takes place only when we are resting. You could call it a daily house clean and this cleaning is further enhanced by what you put into your body in the way of food and drink.

To prevent this article getting rather long, I’ll explain what happens (when we sleep) in one sentence. When you sleep, your body repairs tissue, organs take a break or complete detoxification cycles and your mind filters everything that has happened that day.

A lack of sleep causes memory loss, tiredness, fatigue, poor concentration, feelings of anxiety and dull skin. Furthermore, there is research to show that a lack of sleep can lead to weight gain.

So, if you are not sleeping through the night, whether this is difficulties getting to sleep or waking up and not being able to nod back off, here are some tips that will help you...much of this you probably already know, if so, why have you not done anything about it?):

Avoid stimulants. You knew that already right? Having a mug of tea or coffee, eating chocolate or soft drinks will only hinder your ability to sleep. That’s why they are called stimulants!

Make a list then forget it until morning. How many times have you gone to bed thinking about what you need to do the next day? Yes, we have all been there. Write out your ‘to do’ list then place it somewhere where you can grab it when you wake up.

Get some down time. Now this one is will be very difficult for most people. If you are constantly glued to your phone, you have a phone addiction. Have a digital detox each night by turning off your phone, laptop, TV and any other devices one hour before your turn in. Read a book, preferably one that’s not action packed or have a warm bath.