7 August 2015

Why detox?

Two years ago I wrote an article called The Truth about Detoxing. Since then, I have not only completed several of my own cleanses/ detoxes (which I do each year anyway), but I have since trained as a detox specialist. Detoxification is what our body does (all day every day) to neutralize and get rid of unwanted materials and toxins.

Its a very efficient system...well, it was until humans started creating chemicals and other toxins our bodies had no idea what to do with. So detoxification is about improving or enhancing our bodies ability to get rid of stuff that should not be there or is no longer wanted or needed.

To me, detoxing means to cleanse both internally and externally. You can detox not only your body but your kitchen, you house and your life by getting rid of toxic relationships! The reasons for doing so is so you create, space and energy. Its not woo woo stuff. Just clean out your fridge or your wardrobe and see how much better you feel afterwards. Its such an uplifting, energizing experience. And its no different when you detox your body.

You know when your external detoxification systems aren't working. Your room is a mess, there is no order to things and clutter is everywhere, leaving you feeling overwhelmed with no idea where to start. Inside your body, when your system is not working properly is harder to tell. The only way you really know is when you don't feel 100%. The only problem with that is, not feeling 100% is the everyday norm! You feel crap, but you are so used to it, its normal! I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Its NOT normal!

Just like your home needs cleanings materials to keep it clean and tidy (preferably non toxic!), your body needs enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and other compounds to rid the body of unwanted waste materials. We need to get these nutrients from the food we eat.

You have seven organs of elimination; liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, colon, lymphatic system and blood, so the primary purpose of a detox/ cleansing program is to support these organs so that waste is actually removed from the body. When you eat clean foods, rich in nutrients, your body will have a much easier time getting rid of the crap. If you eat processed dead ready meals with little or no fruit or vegetation, you WILL feel the effects of not detoxing properly as your body just won't have the nutrients it needs to get the job done.

Slinging booze, ciggy's, sugary pop, salty snacks and caffeine down your throat may help you cope with the day ahead but I'm guessing you won't feel too good. You'll be tired, head-achy, miserable, edgy, bloated, food sits in your guts and doesn't digest because you're too stressed, plus you'll probably have blood sugar problems and weight issues.

A good cleanse/ detox with nutrients dense rich foods (done in a delicious way of course), will clean you up and clear out those toxins. It'll give your body the much needed boost it needs and to top it off, you'll feel things you haven't felt for years. You'll have steady energy, your skin will glow, you will lose a few pounds because your body has let go of toxins held in the excess fat, you'll feel lighter, brighter and dare I say it, your sex drive will emerge once again...with all that great stuff waiting on the other side, why would you not detox?

Please don't give me the I haven't got time excuse. You have time to watch Eastenders, Emmerdale and Corrie right? That's 3 hours right there. Oh, you're too tired? I've covered that. Oh another excuse, you haven't got the money? Being unhealthy is costing you a lot more...YOUR LIFE! Its up to you. continue to make excuses or do something about it.

How do you detox? 

There are a number of things you can start doing right now:

- Limit toxins via the mouth (I've gone over those earlier but also includes over the counter medication, household cleaners, make up and body care items)
- Give your guts a rest by decreasing the amount of food you consume and focus on increasing nutrients via raw food
- Maintain gut flora by taking probitoics and avoiding antibiotics if possible
- Eat fibre rich foods (raw fruit and vegetables) to 'sweep' the colon. Fibre promotes the elimination of toxins
- Drink plenty of water

Do this for 14 days - that's all it will take to give you a power boost and give you your life back. Want to know more? This will help http://bit.ly/2cOcDfV.