17 August 2015

The Down and Dirty on Clean Eating

Why You Need to Eat the Right Foods for Your Body

It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is talking about clean eating. So what is all the palava about and what does “clean eating” actually mean anyway?

No, it doesn’t mean you are eating food that has been run through the washing machine (ok, bad joke!), although it is a good idea to wash all of your produce before you eat it. Clean eating is all about being aware of the pathway your food had to go through from growth, to your plate. It is focused on the consumption of whole or real food and the reduction or elimination of processed and refined food from your diet.

Clean eating may sound easy to do, but with the convenience of fast food, and supermarkets offering so many processed options and unhealthy foods that do not require any preparation, there is temptation at every turn. So WHY is eating clean worth the hassle? Is it really worth the extra money and sometimes the extra preparation time? In one word – YES! And its more simple than you think.

By eating ripe, raw, organic fruits and vegetables, quality protein, and good fats, the benefits of doing so go far beyond just eating better. Eating clean promotes natural detoxification in the body and supports liver function. Simply put, the less “junk” clogging up your system, the less your body and specifically your liver has to work to eliminate waste and toxins in your body.

When you eat clean, you substantially improve how well your systems function. This translates into more energy and improved cognitive abilities, immune system functioning, mental state, skin, and hair. Who doesn’t want better skin and hair? When you clean up your insides, your outsides are sure to glow! Doesn’t that sound 'shamaze'?

If the benefits of eating clean don’t entice you, the downside of NOT eating clean will at least make you rethink your diet. The implications and problems associated with eating processed and unnatural foods are enormous.

Processed foods are loaded with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMOs have been linked to several major health issues such as cancer, diabetes, and infertility to name a few. Processed foods are also full of chemicals that are devoid of nutrients, and are often stripped of vitamins and minerals our bodies need to function properly and help us perform and be at our very best. It makes sense...eat sh&*, feel sh£$. Excuse my French!

So, are you ready to reset your health with clean eating? I know I was after I realized the consequences of not eating clean! I was so tired of feeling sick, tired, bunged up and bloated; I knew I had to do something about it.

Some general tips to remember when eating clean include: limit processed foods, eat quality meats (preferably organic and grass fed), leave refined grains alone, remove sugars/artificial sweeteners, reduce or eliminate alcohol and tobacco consumption, and steer clear of anything with too many ingredients you can’t recognize as real food.

Clean eating also includes drinking more water and increasing your consumption of fruit and vegetables. Raw and organic produce are the best options to avoid those nasty pesticides that increase toxicity in the body when consumed. Filling up on fruit and veg also keeps you full so you will be less likely to binge on unhealthy foods. Don't like fruit and vegetables? Nothing will ever replace eating fresh fruit and veg but thankfully, you do have the option of consuming 27 different fruit and vegetables daily! How do you do that? Learn more here.