24 June 2014

Why is your health so bad?

Scientific research shows that during the Paleolithic era, our ancestors ate very differently than we do today.

Health issues such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, high cholesterol and heart disease are never more prevalent and this is despite advances in medication.

Our ancestors didn't have supermarkets, neither did they have ready made processed meals. They were also free from medical experts, dietitians and scientists telling us to eat a low fat high carbohydrate diet.

Back then, our ancestors ate a diet rich in lean and game meats, seafood, fresh fruit, and non-starchy vegetables. Compare this to today's typical English diet and you have pie and chips, roast dinners with a flour based Yorkshire pudding, lashings of gravy and over cooked vegetables, chips (more chips!) peas and fish fingers, baked beans on toast, pizza, baked potatoes with tuna mayo and sweetcorn...all washed down with beer, wine and shed loads of coffee.

I haven't even started on the snacks yet!

Chocolate, fizzy drinks (diet or otherwise), fruit juice, sugared water, chocolate, sweets, crisps, biscuits, cakes and did I mention chocolate?

Have you seen the program Secret Eaters? The volunteers who agree to be filmed are always over weight and can't understand why they can't lose the excess. They say they eat healthily but everyone's idea of healthy is very different. All one has to do is take one look at their food diary and healthy does not come close; not to mention the constant snacking and drinking in between meals. All I see is a food diary full of the foods listed previously with perhaps the odd fruit and veg thrown in for good measure.

Science and medical experts say that in order to prevent health issues, stick to a diet consisting of plenty of fruit and vegetables, plenty of potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and other starchy foods, some milk and dairy, some meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non-dairy sources of protein and just a small amount of foods and drinks that are high in fat or sugar.
(Source: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Goodfood/Pages/eatwell-plate.aspx)

Basically, eat a diet high in sugar.

Let's take a quick look at a farming fact. Farmers swtiched from feeding their cattle grass to grains. Grains make the cattle fatter thus increasing yield and therefore profit. Cows naturally feed on grass not grains. Stick a cow in its natural environment and it will eat grass.

Now, stick a human on a low fat high carbhydrate diet; tell them it will lower their cholesterol levels because the fibre will help move cholesterol from their blood, they will buy it because its coming from a medically trained expert and its been researched.

What that human won't know is that if they eat enough grain, they too will get fat. The nice doctor then tells big Pharma who will make a drug to help lower cholesterol levels. That poor human is told they will have to take statins forever more.

Of course, the the human will have side effects so the doctor will prescribe another drug to counter act the side effects of statins. This keeps big Pharma and their bank account happy, happy, happy!

If you are eating a (dietitian, medical science approved) diet high in cereal, bread, potatoes, and pasteurized milk products, you are consuming masses amounts of sugar. Britons eat very few fruits, vegetables...if any and wonder why they are constipated!

To be well and optimize your health, the first three things that need to be left out of your diet are as follows: grains, sugar and milk. I'm not saying dairy because I love cheese! Although I don't eat it that often.

Don't panic because what you are left with is an abundance of foods to choose from. If you wondering what is left to eat and have no idea where to start, start here.

Listen, if you feel like crap, its because the food you eat is making you feel that way. Put crap in and you'll feel like crap.

Nuff said!

(There is more to it then just food, but food is a good place to start!)