22 July 2013

The truth about detoxing

You may have come across in the news that detoxing is something the body does naturally, which is true, so ‘detoxing’ is not necessary.

Let’s take another point of view.

We all do our chores and keep things in order to keep our homes clean and tidy. But eventually its gets a bit much and we feel the need to de-clutter  This where we have a good old spring clean. We get rid of old clothes, shoes, re-organise the filing, shred unwanted documents, rummage through boxes and files and throw open the windows to remove stale air.

Similarly, through detoxifying your body you allow accumulated toxins to be released from your fat calls thus allowing your bodies to clean house.

Many health challenges are taken as something to live with from day-to-day; its part and parcel of our daily life so we just have to get on with things. But detoxing can improve or remove these issues altogether by allowing your body to adjust its own functions and mechanisms making them more efficient.

Try a simple test to evaluate what a detox can do for you;

Omit coffee, alcohol, tea, sugar, chocolate, red meat and wheat from your diet for three weeks. Increase your intake of water (avoid flavoured water as these contain artificial sweeteners), herbal tea, coconut water and fresh fruit and vegetables.

After a few days you might experience symptoms such as headaches, skin outbreaks, sore red tongue or tiredness or fatigue. You might even become physically sick. This is what you call a healing crisis. Depending on your toxicity levels, this stage can become really uncomfortable and can feel like the detox is making you worse rather than better.

At the point you can choose to either slow down the process or stop. It’s highly recommended you don’t stop. These symptoms will pass. It’s extremely important that the detoxification process continues until all unpleasant symptoms have disappeared. If after two weeks you feel you could benefit with a few more days detoxing, then continue for a further 2-3 days.

If you detoxify properly and avoid the omitted foods you will know about it. Each person will experience something different but in any case, it will be a positive outcome. You can expect to feel more vibrant and alert; your skin will exude radiance and you’ll feel lighter. You might even experience a new outlook on life.

It’s true that detoxing may be overused and as a result many less than trustful companies have used it to make false claims. There is an art to detoxification and the naturopathic approach which is to look at your body as a whole and ensure all eliminatory pathways are functioning well and are equipped and ready to cope with a detox.

Detoxing is a fantastic tool we can use to help us feel our best. And giving our modern lifestyles, it could be considered necessary. Think of it as a yearly body MOT.

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