15 July 2013

Healthy Eating Budget Tips

Even to this present day, there is a lot of misconception that healthy eating can be expensive. This is not necessarily the case and if you have a budget to stick to, there are many ways to eat healthily.

Buy supermarket own label brands

Supermarkets often have their own version of pre-packed and loose fruit and vegetables. There is nothing wrong with cheaper fruit and vegetables except that they might be less attractive. They won’t be organic, but its fresh. Certainly, buy organic where you can, but its not a must do. Next time you go shopping; do a little comparison to see what you can save.

Grow your own

Growing your own fruit and vegetables is highly rewarding and will taste far superior to anything you can buy. Even if you don’t have a garden you can still grown tomatoes, herbs and grow fresh sprouts. The kitchen ledge will suffice for these.

Buy from farmers markets

Farmers markets are great for picking up fresh produce. They will only tend to have what’s in season so you will benefit from not having to fork out for non seasonal items.

Cook from scratch

Preparing meals from fresh ingredients means you end up spending less money as well as get the benefit of something nutritious.

There is no reason to buy salad dressing, mayo, burgers or pies when you can make your own. Of course, it’ll be a challenge if you can’t cook but there are ways around that.

You can prepare meals in bulk and freeze in portions. This makes things less time consuming and because you know there is a healthy meal waiting for you at home you end up saving money as you will be less likely to buy something pre-prepared.

Pick one of these suggestions and see how much you can save over the next few weeks.

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