3 June 2013

Is food causing you pain?

To start off, this is the first post I have written in several months. I was missing in action whilst I took the time out to reflect on a number of things. I had a lot of 'inner' work to do. Thankfully, I've come out the other end having run my mind ragged with negative self talk to becoming more aware of my thoughts and choosing how I think.

During this time, I have met and spoken with hundreds of individuals with one or several issues when it comes to food. In fact, food is such a problem, that many feel depressed, miserable and have developed a love/ hate relationship.

The people I've met have a number of health issues (all food related) ranging from acne out breaks that lead to scaring (I know this one very well) to lacking in energy, PMT, bloating and dry itchy skin. These problems are just the tip of the iceberg. The thing is, many have been to see their doctor but have come away feeling they haven't been listened to and many refuse to take prescription medication believing it won't or can't help them. That's not necessarily true as medication has its place but it is used to the point where we are given a pill, lotion or cream for just about every aliment and in most cases that just isn't good enough when something much simpler would suffice...like finding out what's causing the problem.

The great thing about this is, many are now investigating how they can help themselves thanks to the internet. The downside however is the plethora of information. Who do you listen to?

This led to me thinking about how many others are suffering in the world. I know because I am one of them. For example, if I eat something that I react badly too I get dry itchy skin if it doesn't have the right nourishment and skin cream; itchy spots that heal leaving awful scaring...doesn't touch anywhere else except my face which is really annoying. I get bloated, clogged up, put on weight easily and get tired if I eat grains (even when sprouted) plus a whole host of other aggravating 'things' that happens when I eat certain foods...yes, even foods that are healthy.

It gets to the stage where you feel like, what the hell? I can't eat anything! If I cut out much more, I won't have anything left to friggin' eat! 

Well, thankfully, help is at hand. I want to help you if you are ready to end your food pain. I am offering the opportunity for 5 motivated people to work with me free of charge (Yes, free! No gimmicks, I don't do gimmicks) because I want to help you end the suffering that goes with not knowing what to eat whilst at the same time, help you clear up your health issues.

I have 10 years experience and knowledge in health and nutrition and have become very good at spotting what might possibly be going on inside your body. 

I love food and I would love for you to fall back in love with food too. There is no need to suffer, really there isn't. Once you discover what's going on you can start addressing it and that is always much easier than suffering in silence. Why put up with a problem for years and years when you can get get expert advice for free!

No medication here, just simple advice, support and guidance...for free!

So what's involved?

Shoot me an email and I'll send you the details. Remember, I am offering this complementary so no time wasters please. I look forward to helping you in your journey.