4 May 2017

Let's get real and end the confusion...

Its time I speak honestly...

For years, I've been giving nutrition advice, dishing out healthy eating tips and recipes. I've changed my role so many times, I've confused myself and possibly everyone else in the process. One minute I'm a weight loss coach, the next, its skin health, the next digestive health and the latest is helping people quit sugar.

This is all valid stuff, however, I think all I have done is confuse. 
Confusion doesn't help anyone. There is plenty of confusion already with food labelling, traffic light systems, best before dates, sell by dates, once opened dates etc.

People are really confused about food. The confusion has been on purpose. If you are confused, its easy for you to be manipulated. You are told by Government industries what to eat. If you eat according to what you are being told to eat and follow it to the letter but still suffer with poor health, it is not your fault. You were just doing as you are told.

I've known there is a problem with the 'system'. I've know quite a while, but until now, I have never said anything. I kept quiet. The real problem is, I have been hiding from what it is I really want to say. 

All the things I've mentioned above (health, weight, poor health etc.), I can still help with in my programmes, but I'm no longer going to be offering nutrition tips and ideas on what to eat. There is enough of that out there. If you want to know, go Google it. 

When someone is diagnosed with a disease, they are told they will have to live with the disease for the rest of their lives and manage it with medication...that's bullsh*t.

I'm sick and tired of the bull we are being spun by food manufacturers, the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industries. Whether you believe it or not, you are being manipulated every single day. Fear mongering is rife. There are 'laws' in place to prevent people like myself speaking about food and is powerful impact on health.

Health practitioners are labelled quacks and are written about in a negative way, and even sued if we make claims. If the claims cannot be substantiated in anyway, then fair enough. But recommending someone to eat lots of vegetables because of the nutrients they contain as well as the fibre won't harm anyone (unless they have severe allergies!). More people are likely to die from prescription medication.

Health Practitioners (the ones who do no harm) have to tell you to go and see your doctor before embarking on any lifestyle changes. In six years of studying, doctors have roughly 24 hours nutrition training. Yet, its recommended you to go to them and trust them to give you the best advice.

A nutritional therapist, goes through 3-4 years of training, learning every modality there is to learn about disease, diets, macro and micro nutrients etc., plus we are required to undertake over 200 hundred hours of clinical training, seeing real people with real problems, taking case studies, exams and so forth. Many of us did the training to become qualified because we understand the power of food in health and how it can prevent many disease from developing simply...because we did it on ourselves first.

I'm not here to slag off doctors or who ever. I'm super frustrated. There is so much you can do to empower yourself but thanks to clever manipulative marketing, you are probably more confused than ever and just need to know what to eat for better health. Its about getting back to basics. Understand that, and you'll be in a very powerful position.

I have so much more to say about this, and we'll get into it more. Just know, you have been duped by the dairy industry, the sugar industry and a whole bunch of other industries, where its in their best interests to keep to you sick and over weight.

This is not just me mouthing off, this comes from researched materials, which I'll bring to you in time. 

Written by: Valerie McKen | The Food PA Getting back to basics and ending the confusion around food

Did you like this article? Did it ruffle some feathers? If it resonates with you and you are confused about food or what to eat, get in touch info(at)nutritionfoundations(dot)(net) and we can arrange a time and day to chat.

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