17 October 2016

9 Tips to Naturally Improve Your Digestion

Believe it or not, many chronic health issues can stem from poor digestion and the inability to absorb nutrients. There is another factor involve that many doctors would dismiss, simply due to the fact that there is no ‘scientific clinical evidence’. Before we crack on with the tips, just a small rant about that...

Just because there is no randomised placebo controlled, gold standard trial, which let’s face it can be manipulated to say whatever they want to say, does not mean it wouldn’t work. Rant over!

We are talking about your emotions. This is not woo woo stuff as I see plenty of evidence staring in my face in family members and clients who have digestive upset but will not acknowledge there is a problem and carry on with a typical British stiff upper lip or they are aware something wrong but have no idea how to deal with it. You can eat as much healthy food as you like, take the best supplements and load your body with superfoods, but if you don’t sort out what is going on in your head and your gut (the second brain), you may well find that your gut issues never really get resolved.

Dr Smith, a certified doctor, gastrointestinal vascular surgeon and Medical Advisor at the University of Miami Department of Surgery, sums it up nicely “Virtually every illness in the body has some psychological emotional element. This certainly includes the intestinal tract ranging from swallowing difficulties, abdominal pain, IBS and diarrhoea.”

Here are some general guidelines for keeping your gut in tip top shape:

1) Find time to de-stress. Ladies, please don’t try to be super woman and think you can resolve every one else’s problems as well as your own whilst looking after the kids, the house, your partner, whilst holding down a full-time job plus look after your parents... I think you get the message.

2) Cut out foods you suspect you are intolerant to

3) Find time to exercise no matter what – please do not give the I’m too tired excuse. You might be, but exercise gives you energy! Even 5 minutes. Every one has 5 minutes to spare.

4) Avoid using alcohol as a relaxant. It is probably doing more harm than good.

5) Chew, chew, chew your food, Many people suffer with digestive issues simply because they think their stomach has teeth which will do the chewing for them.

6) Fizzy sugary energy or sports drinks are just that – sugar, avoid at all costs

7) Avoid eating protein and starches together, so no more steak and chips, fish and chips, steak pie and mash etc. Eat at your own digestive peril!

8) Get as much sleep as you can. If you have insomnia and are used to not sleeping and being tired all the time, I completely understand as I used to be like that.

9) Meditate. If you cannot do this because your mind wonders all the time, try a moving mediation such as yoga. Meditation is re-balancing and brings an inner calm to an otherwise hectic busy life.

Try just one of these and see how you get get.