22 June 2016

Time to make it stop...

Heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, IBS are all a pain in the you-know-what! 

Bloating, embarrassing wind, little pot belly that doesn't look great in a bikini (been there and held it in all day...apart from when I was lying down...thank goodness for gravity!).

You're totally knackered, you have headaches or migraines...or both and as for food, you might as well forget eating because everything you do eat causes nothing but more health problems. Not only that, its near impossible to buy anything as everything contains the very substances you react too! Nightmare or what???

You've been back and forth to the doctors and after test after test, all they come up with is either there is nothing they can do or at least you get a prescription and quite frankly, that just won't do. If anything, you were probably only prescribed to get you out of the surgery!

Well...guess what? I have soooo been there! I know exactly how this feels. Isn't it time for the madness to stop? Time to sort it out once and for all because the pain of living with your little budda belly is just on on. Yes indeed, I really didn't want to wear a bikini for a long time! 

Time to stop this endless suffering with your very own Body Overhaul® Consultation. There is no charge, just time for you to talk to someone who'll listen and understand as she has been there and still working her way through the complex food intolerance maze.